Background and Goals

The Problem:  

The 30,000+ Albertans with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) have more unmet medical, home-care and social needs than any other chronic illness group in Canada. (Canadian Community Health Surveys 2005, 2010)  These Albertans represent an unaddressed economic burden, unmet potential and significant human and social cost. ME/CFS is an academically challenging area of medicine attracting researchers at the highest levels eager to solve the puzzle of this complex chronic illness.

AIME Structure and Objective:

AIME is a self-managed, growing team of volunteer health care practitioners, academics and concerned members of the public with a common vision: working towards the recognition of the seriousness of ME/CFS as a medical condition by relevant professionals, professional bodies, governments and society with the end objective of better care for patients in the province of Alberta.

AIME Method:

AIME works collaboratively with government, educational and professional organizations and a range of health and care providers who are in a position to improve the quality of life of Albertans with ME/CFS. AIME works with these partners to adapt evidence-based and evidence-informed literature and consensus documents for use by caregivers, health care professionals and researchers in Alberta.
AIME tools: IACFS-ME Primer 2012 published by the International Association for CFS/ME

AIME Actions: AIME is working on three immediate actions and two longer term actions.

Immediate Actions:

1. Furthering education of health care professionals at all levels.
2. Providing increased services for the severely affected (approximately 25% of all sufferers).
3. Implementation of valid assessment tools and laboratory tests already used in other jurisdictions to support ME/CFS diagnosis and care.

Longer term Actions:  

4. Building ME/CFS research capacity in the province of Alberta.
5. Development of Alberta as a Centre for Excellence in ME/CFS research and care.

Invitation to the public:

Volunteers both professional and general public are welcome. Please send us a resume or summary of your areas of expertise and we will contact you regarding relevant projects. Please state your preferred method of communication and needed disability accommodations.

AIME Disclaimer: 

AIME is not a patient support group and does not assist with individual situations or inquiries for information. If you are seeking information about ME/CFS or need help, please contact one of the following: